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Monday, May 09, 2011

Saskatchewan Nurses Foundation

Helping Saskatchewan’s RNs achieve their education goals since 1981

By Debra Clarke for LP Specialty Products

If you’re a Registered Nurse (RN) who’s been thinking about upgrading your education, you may want to make the Saskatchewan Nurses Foundation (SNF) part of your plan.

Since 1981, the SNF has been offering bursaries to eligible RN’s wishing to further their education and training. A number of bursaries are offered, with the amounts and recipients varying from year to year, depending upon available funds and the number of applicants. Some bursaries are sponsored by the Foundation itself while others are sponsored by individuals or groups who have donated funds for a sustaining bursary.

The aim of the Foundation, says Robin Evans, SNF’s Executive Director, is “ assist nurses to achieve their educational goals which in turn will support continuing nursing excellence in Saskatchewan.

The bursaries are not age-specific, which means anyone who meets the basic criteria can apply. “To be eligible for any of the SNF bursaries,” says Evans, “One must be a nurse, registered with the Saskatchewan Registered Nurses’ Association and be enrolled in an eligible program.” (She notes some of the named bursaries may have additional criteria that have been established by the donor. For example, “The SRNA Advanced Practice bursary requires the individual to be either a nurse practitioner pursuing advanced education or someone in a nurse practitioner program, a member of SNF and active in the SRNA.”)

While the programs might vary in length or intensity, says Evans, they are all costly. An RN who may be pursuing a specialized masters program in the US might be looking at $20,000 or more per year. For 2011, eligible programs include baccalaureate, masters or doctoral programs, or a clinical course of at least 15 days in length. Next year, “eligible programs will be expanded to also include shorter courses and workshops, and certification exams through the Canadian Nurses Association.” Evans said this was done in response to requests from applicants, noting that shorter courses can also be expensive and assistance is often required for them.

There is a definite and positive return on the investment that the SNF makes in RN’s receiving bursary amounts. For every $1000 awarded, there is a return-of-service requirement of six months in Saskatchewan. Evans notes that while the bursary itself does not have to be repaid, if someone is not able to finish his or her education program, the full bursary amount must be paid back.

The SNF is responsible for administering the bursary program. Application forms are screened, evaluated and selected by a Foundation committee then approved by the Foundation’s Board of Directors. In addition, says Evans, “The Foundation monitors those who have received bursaries to ensure that the terms of the bursary are met.”

In the 30 years since the SNF began awarding bursaries, over $348,000 has been given to 390 recipients. Evans also notes that an additional $3000 was awarded to 20 nurses for the Trauma Nurse Core Course. In 2010, six nurses received six bursaries totalling $10,000. The application deadline is September 30th of each year.

Applications are available on the SNF website at:


The Saskatchewan Nurses Foundation encourages individuals or groups to consider a contribution to the Foundation. SNF is a registered charity with the Canada Revenue Agency and a receipt for income tax purposes is issued for all donations. Memorial donations are acknowledged as requested and recognition of the donation is included in the online SNF Memorial Book. Donations made in honour of an individual/group are also recognized and planned giving is supported. For more information, contact the SNF at 949-2936 or

2010 SNF Bursary Recipients

Jill Bally (Saskatoon)
  • Saskatoon City Hospital School of Nursing Alumnae bursary
  • Jean Mahoney bursary


Enrolled: PhD in Nursing program - College of Nursing, U of S.
Currently: Clinical facilitator and research assistant with the College of Nursing, U of S.


Monica Deagle (Regina)
  • SNF bursary

Enrolled: Master of Administration (Leadership Focus) program at U of R
Currently: Faculty member with SIAST, Wascana Campus in Nursing Education Program of Saskatchewan (NEPS). Also works as an RN on the Inpatient Mental Health Unit of RQHR.


Katarzyna Moyer (Regina)
  • Regina Grey Nuns Hospital Alumnae Association Bursary

Enrolled: Master of Science in Nursing program at University of Phoenix Online, College of Nursing.
Currently: Employed as clinical instructor with SIAST, Wascana Campus.


Jody Stapley (Lloydminster)
  • SNF bursary

Enrolled: Master’s Leadership – Specialization – Health program at Royal Roads University
Currently: Employed as facility manager at Jubilee Home in Lloydminster.

Anna-Marie (Allan) Offiah (Lemberg)
  • John Engel bursary

Enrolled: Master of Nursing program at the Faculty of Nursing, University of Calgary
Currently: Employed as RN with File Hills Qu’Appelle Tribal Council.


Doris Henry (Regina)
  • SNF bursary

Enrolled: International Wound Care course at University of Toronto
Currently: RN with Regina Qu’Appelle Health Region Home Care.


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