Carmen Brunskill - Doctoral

John Engel Bursary


Liz Domm - Doctoral

Regina Grey Nun's Hospital Nurses Alumnae Association

"Thank you so much for this bursary, which will assist me in carrying out my doctoral studeies. SNF is doing important work in supporting Saskatchewan nurses to advance their education, as as a recipient of the Regina Grey Nuns' Hospital Nurses Alumnae Association Bursary, I really appreciate the SNF in helping me to achieve my educational goals."


Kelly Penz - Doctoral

Saskatoon City Hospital School of Nursing Alumnae Bursary

"I was extremely pleased to have been selected as the recipient of the Saskatoon City Hospital School of Nursing Alumnae Bursary. AS I continue in my second year of full-time studies as a doctoral student in nursing, this financial support will help me to purchase textbooks, pay tuition, and most importantly, it will allow me to devote more time to my dissertation research. Thank you to SNF for their generous contribution to the continuing education of RNs in Saskatchewan."


Shelly Spurr - Doctoral


Bev Balaski - Masters


Don Leidl - Masters


Sarah Liberman - Masters

Conexus (Masters) Bursary

"This bursary will help me continue my education by alleviating some of the financial stress associated with going back to school. The bursary reinforces the value of advanced education for registered nurses and shows that Saskatchewan supports this pursuit. This assistance is very much appreciated."


Bonnie Ast - Baccalaureate

Jean Mahoney Bursary


Michelle Fontaine - Baccalaureate

Conexus (Baccalaureate) Bursary

"I am especially grateful to be the recipient of the Conexus Credit Union Bursary. The role of the Registered Nurse is changing. I recognize the need for furthering my education, clinical skills and knowledge in order to maintain a high quality leadership role. Working towards my BSN has helped me keep up with technological changes, enhanced my critical thinking skills, and enriched my communication skills as well as improved my flexibility and ability to adapt to change. I appreciate the financial support offered by the Saskatchewan Nurses Foundation. Thank you."


Renee Fortugno - Baccalaureate


Patricia Habermehl - Baccalaureate

"I am very pleased and honored to receive a Saskatchewan Nurses Foundation Bursary. This money will assist with tuition and travel costs to begin my practicum in Diabetic Nurse education in early January. With three children in university the extra funds are very much appreciated. Thank you so much to the donors."


Katherine Sproxton - Baccalaureate

"Balancing work, family obligations and classes can be stressful at times and receiving this bursary is certainly appreciated. Proving me with additional monetary support will lighten the financial load and assist me to continue my education. Enhancing my critical thinking skills and increasing my knowledge of evidence based research are personal and professional objectives that I am meeting through the Post Registration BSN program. Developing these skills will be advantageous for me in my current role as a Flight Nurse."


Kerri Grabowsky - Clinical Courses