Carmen Anderson - Doctoral

Jean Mahoney Bursary

"I appreciate the support that SNF has provided. This has greatly enhanced my ability to further my education and pursue PhD studies on a full time basis. I plan to make donations to SNF in the future when I have completed my degree as I know how valuable it is for students to have bursary support. Thank you!"


Lois Berry - Doctoral

John Engel Bursary

"The support given me by the SNF is invaluable in assisting me to meet my educational goals. These funds will help me pay my tuition costs. This is important as, like many nurses, I am balancing my needs with those of my children. We paid four university tuitions this fall! These funds are greatly appreciated!"


Liz Domm - Doctoral

Regina Grey Nuns Hospital Alumnae Association Bursary


Karen Eisler - Doctoral

"This bursary will assist me in carrying out my research. SNF is doing important work in supporting Saskatchewan nurses in continuing education, and each of you deserves a pat on the back for the work you do! It is much appreciated"


Kelly Penz - Doctoral

Saskatoon City Hospital School of Nursing Alumnae Bursary


Shelly Spurr - Doctoral

Gordon Barnhart Bursary


Bev Balaski - Masters

Conexus Credit Union (Masters) Bursary

"I am honoured to be awarded the Conexus Credit Union (Masters) Bursary. I value the contribution registered nurses make and through life-long learning I am committed to expanding my nursing knowledge"


Sherry Arvidson - Baccalaureate


Bonnie Ast - Baccalaureate

Conexus Credit Union (Baccalaureate) Bursary

"The SNF continues to raise the level of educational attainment in nursing. Through their financial assistance and support they have helped me in attaining my own goals in nursing and continue to support my future endeavors in nursing. Thank you SNF"


Shari Collins - Baccalaureate

"I am pleased to be the recipient of a SNF bursary. This money will assist me in continuing my nursing education. I am a diploma RN who has chosen to return to university to further my education and increase my knowledge and competency in the field of nursing. This bursary will assist me to continue my pursuit for higher education and enable me to complete the Bachelor of Nursing program in order to continue to contribute to nursing in Saskatchewan. Thank you for this opportunity"


Karen Ollinger - Clinical Course

"I am very grateful to receive this bursary which will help to offset costs incurred while pursuing my Certification in Telehealth Nursing. This sub-specialty of nursing is a very new concept in Saskatchewan and I'm excited to be involved in it. The telehealth nursing classes offer an overall view of our country's involvement in 'telecare' nursing and what is involved in preparing for it. I am attempting to gain what knowledge I can in this field to best serve my clients on the telephone. I sincerely thank SNF fo their support in this endeavor."