Judy Boychuk Duchscher - Doctoral

Saskatoon City Hospital School of Nursing Alumnae Bursary

"I am committed to enhancing the quality of nursing education, research, leadership, and practice through my study of the role transition of new graduates as they move from student to professionally practicing nurse"


Liz Domm - Doctoral

Regina Grey Nuns Hospital Alumnae Association


Patricia Zip - Masters

Conexus Credit Union (Masters) Bursary

"It is always a challenge to return to classes as an adult learner with many accompanying responsibilities, such as a family, job, and financial obligations. Having recently completed the post RN-BSN Nursing Program, and presently in the Masters Program as a full time student, I recognize and more fully appreciate the value and importance of life-long learning and the contribution that nurses can make in health care and health promotion."



 Maryanne King - Masters

Jean Mahoney Bursary


Jill Eyolfson - Masters


Barbara Beaurivage - Masters

"Thank you for the bursary I received and your continued support of nursing education"


Heather Keith  - Masters


Bernadette Wright - Baccalaureate

"The SNF bursary will offset some of the education tuition cost and allow me to pursue my desire to further my education. I will graduate in June 2005 from the Post RN Degree program , and I am considering the University of Alberta Masters program in Nursing"


Yvonne Labas - Baccalaureate

Saskatoon City Hospital School of Nursing Alumnae Bursary

"Upon completion of my Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree, I wish to continue my education with a Master of Nursing degree at the University of Saskatchewan. Obtaining these goals will provide me with the needed insight and education to assume leadership role in health care."


Laura Wood - Baccalaureate

"This will assist me financially in my pursuit of my Post Registration BSN"


Alice Salter - Baccalaureate

"Being a wife and mother of two children, working part-time and taking classes, it has been hard to make ends meet. This bursary will help with my finances to enable me to pay for the classes I need….Your investment in me will pay off, as I will be staying in Saskatchewan"


Mae Rislund - Baccalaureate

"I am in my 28th year of nursing in Saskatchewan and the exposure I have had to continuing education the pasts three years has been refreshing and enlightening, and has helped me to renew my sense of commitment to our profession. This bursary assists me in achieving my goal for completion of my Bachelor of Science in Nursing …by June 2005"


Lynn deBussac - Baccalaureate

Gordon Barnhart Bursary


Cherie Lawrence - Baccalaureate

Conexus Credit Union (Baccalaureate) Bursary


Bonnie Ast  - Clinical Courses