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Benefits of Membership

Members of the SNF have the opportunity to vote at the Annual General Meeting and will receive the quarterly Newsletter with information about the Foundation's activities.  Members are also eligible to be a member of the Board of Directors.

Categories of Membership

RN members (voting)

  • individuals who are registered as practicing members of the Saskatchewan Registered Nurses' Association (SRNA)

Non nurse members (voting)

  • individuals who are not registered as practicing members of the SRNA.

Membership Application

1. Complete the application form below. *Only fill out "New Graduate" fields if you've selected "New Graduate RN" from the Membership Type dropdown*

2. You have two options for submitting the application payment: *If you are a New Graduate RN, your membership is complimentary.  You do not need to complete this step*

a). Pay using the "Pay Now" PayPal button below.

b).  Send cheque ($15.00) payable to Saskatchewan Nurses Foundation by regular mail:

Saskatchewan Nurses Foundation
Box 27082
420 Albert St
Regina, SK
S4R 2N8